Deepest lake in Britain

Photo: A. Kurata

The deepest lake in the UK is Loch Morar in the Scottish Highlands, which reaches a depth of 309 metres (754 ft). This steep-sided glacial lake – 19 km long –has its own monster, just like Loch Ness, which the locals call Morag.  There have been various sightings of serpent-like forms emerging from the water.  In 1969 two men described beating off a 25-30 ft-long brown rough-skinned creature from their boat. According to local legend, a sighting of Morag is an omen of death for the local branch of the MacDonald clan.

The International lake Enironment committee has impressively detailed data about the lake, from the quality of its water to the flora and fauna and use of land in the vicinity.

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