Interesting facts about Red Deer

  • They survived the Ice Age in Britain, unlike Fallow deer, which became extinct and were reintroduced by the Normans in the 11th century.
  • A stag can weigh up to 190kg (420lbs), making Red deer the largest land mammal in the UK
  • How do stags sort out conflicts outside the rutting season, when their antlers aren’t fully formed?  They box with their fore legs, just like the hinds do when sorting out their status issues.
  • Highland deer grow smaller antlers with fewer points than lowland deer because of a less nutritious diet.
  • Growing antlers are covered in velvet. But what exactly is velvet? A soft, blood-filled skin that supplies the growing antlers with oxygen and nutrients.  During the rutting season, the stag will wallow in mud scented with his urine and a pungent waxy liquid secreted by scent glands.  Rubbing this mud on trees marks his territory and attracts females.  See  Red deer rutting for more information.

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