Squirrel-proof Birdfeeders

For those who don’t succumb to the charms of grey squirrels, keeping them off the bird feeder is a challenge.  There are plenty of ideas on the forums, such as placing a table on top of a greased pole, or capitulating by scattering food on the ground to distract the squirrels and give the birds a chance.  If unwanted rodents are consuming kilos of bird food, it might be worth investing in a specially designed squirrel-proof bird feeder.  Those sold by the RSPB include conventional seed and nut dispensers caged within bars too narrow for a squirrel to pass through.  Then there’s the robust–looking Squirrel Buster, which automatically closes down when something heavier than a small bird tries to access the food.  It’s the most expensive option, but comes with a life-time guarantee. Not bad considering the fearless acrobatics and determined wire-chewing tendencies of squirrels.
View at the RSPB

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