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Wild Gigha

Gigha, located three miles west of the Kintyre peninsular, is the most southerly island in the Hebrides and measures just seven miles long by half a mile wide. The island has unusually mild weather for Scotland tanks to its proximity to the North Atlantic Drift, which has helped to create the world-famous Achamore Gardens. Idyllic walks along beaches offer good chance of spotting seals and otters. Note Gigha is community-owned.

The Gigha Hotel (gigha.org.uk) has double rooms with breakfast from £48pp. The website has lots of information about the island.


Because it is set on the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Gigha attracts a wide variety of sea birds such as Guillemot and Eider, which breed on Eilean Garbh. Inland, ducks such as Mallard, Teal, Wigeon and Pochard can be found along with Heron, Snipe, Pheasant and Red Grouse. The Hooded Crow and Jackdaw are present in considerable numbers, but geese are only occasional visitors. Mammals are under-represented, with Red Deer, Stoat, Weasel, Red Fox and Hare all being absent. In the mid-20th century Gigha had eight boats engaged in fishing for Cod and Lobster, but commercial activity ceased some time ago. Wikipedia


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