The gnomes of Wastwater

In the mysterious depths of Scotland’s lochs lurk legendary and elusive monsters. At the bottom of England’s deepest lake there are gnomes. 

Wastwater, 79 metres deep, is in the Lake District.  It is surrounded by imposing mountains, including England’s highest, Scafell Pike.  At the south-east side are the ominous Wastwater Screes, a dark and steep wall of fragmented rock.  The water is pure and with few nutrients to support much life, but there are trout and char. And down in the lake’s depths is a gnome garden enclosed by a picket fence.

The police already removed one such garden a few years ago, when requested by the Lake District National Park Authority, following the deaths of three divers in separate incidents.  It was suspected they were searching for the garden at depths that are dangerous for all but the most experienced divers.  Now there are rumours the garden has reappeared, in an even deeper spot.

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