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Wolf sightings in Catalan Pyrenees in 2014

wolf in queralbs The photo is indistinct, but the animal unmistakable. It was taken last February by Ferran Jordà on a cold grey day near Queralbs in the Catalan Pyrenees. The wolf observed belongs to the subspecies Canis lupus italicus. Signs of lone wolves have been found in Catalunya in the last ten years, but such photos are rare. Then in July, a French family came across a wolf in the vicinity of Puig Mal, and, with camera equipment to hand, were able to record a brief but incredibly close encounter. wolf on Puig Mal  

On the rocks: high altitude fauna in the eastern Pyrenees

On the rocks: high altitude flora in the eastern Pyrenees

Pyrenean trip report

Early Spring in Montgrony

A Flurry of Snowfinches

Pyrenees (v) Port de Ratera

Pyrenees (iv) Els Encantats

Pyrenees (iii): Two-legged and hoofless

Pyrenees (ii) Hanging Valley