Exhile and post war resistance

Museum of Exhile Memory The museum is located at the same border crossing in the centre of La Jonquera where some 500,000 people streamed across the border, fleeing from Franco’s advancing armies.

The Exile Memorial Museum (MUME) is a place for memory, history and critical reflection. It is an interpretation centre which recalls the exiles brought about by the Civil War in Spain and Catalonia. Above all the exile of those defeated in that conflict inseparably linked to the Europe of the ascent of totalitarianisms and which was the prelude to the Second World War. Many of the men and women exiled in 1939 continued fighting for freedom from the ranks of the French resistance and also on other battle fronts of the Europe occupied by fascism. However, several thousands were sent to Nazi concentration camps on what for most was a journey of no return. Others came back, willingly or by force, to Franco’s Spain where they suffered persecution, prison and death and, all of them, the torture of an imposed silence, of an inner exile. Many had to seek asylum many kilometres away, in European, American or African lands.

Los transterrados


Chronology of the Spanish Civil War


  • Barcelona in the Civil War