Spanish Civil War museums, exhibitions and sites

Area of the Battle of the Ebre – excellent site with lots of tourist information about how to visit the Ebro Battle sites. There are a series of museums, trenches and bunkers which can be visited. The best is probably the 115 dies centre

In the same village there is also this remarkable private museum.

Memorial Democratic. Information centre and exhibition space in the Raval. Currently on until October 2015 a very interesting exhibit on the fall of Catalonia and exile 

Museum of Exhile The museum is situated in La Jonquera in Catalonia on the same border crossing where hundreds of thousands of defeated soldiers, women and children fled into an uncertain future.

George Orwell route in Aragon. See also

Museum – Refuge of the Civil war

During the Civil War Cartagena was one of the cities most bombed by Franco’s aviation. In order toprotect  the population a series of air raid centres were constructed around the town. The refuge centres in Calle Gisbert were excavated into the side of a hill, and were the biggest in the city capable of housing some 5,500 people.

The tour through the galleries shows different aspects of the Civil War such as: the construction of the refuges and their typologies, the problems of provisions with the consequent use of the rations book, education and leisure, and the need to protect the people (passive defence) and also a military response (active defence). The exhibition finishes with original pictures of the war taken from the Spanish Film Archive..

Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London

The Spanish Civil War sound collection is largely made up of interviews with British people who served with the International Brigades.  There are also recordings of medical aid workers, non-British volunteers, Spanish soldiers and Spanish civilians and refugees. The collection contains very few interviews with soldiers who fought with Franco’s forces. Appeals for Nationalist veterans have yet to yield a response.


Concentraton camps

Los Almendros camp (Alicante)

Francoist concentration camp memorial (Badajoz)

Chronology of the Spanish Civil War


  • Barcelona in the Civil War