Places in the Basque Country;

March 8th, 2010

Monument to woman devoured by wolves

On Mt Gorbea in the Basque Country is a monument to a young shepherdess who was allegedly devoured by wolves in 1308. She became lost in the fog. The next day the only all her family could find were some strands of her hair. The only photo I could find is from this nice cycle blog blog.

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Aitxuri, the most prominent in the Basque Country

Urbia 2.JPG

Aitxuri (1551m) meaning white stone in Basque is the most prominent peak (943 m) in the Basque Country, and the highest in the Montes Vascos. It is located in the limestone massif of Aitzkorri. Photo: wikipedia

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Ea – The shortest place name in the world

The town of Ea, in Vizcaya, the Basque Country, holds the honour of being the shortest place name in Spain and one of the equal shortest in the world. The town takes its name from the river which runs through it. Ea is attractively sited on the edge of an estuary which cuts through the cliffs of the Bay of Biscay. There is a small beach which the local shellfishers harvest each low tide.

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Las Salinas de Añana

The first saline springs here were documented as early as the year 822. In the Middle Ages, salt production made the Salinas de Añana one of the most prosperous towns in the North of the Iberian Peninsula. A plan is underway to restore the site.

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La Torca del Carlista

The Torca del Carlista in the Basque Country is the largest cavern in Europe. It is currently only accessible to expert cavers. It is the fourth (not the second as some sources claim!) largest cave chamber in the world. Legend has it that a Carlist follower threw himself to his death here rather than be taken alive.

Torca del Carlista

Photo of the Torca del Carlista

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