Barcelona tours;

May 31st, 2008

Organised cycling tour around Collserola, Barcelona

If you can ride a bike, you can do this tour. It is suitable for all ages and is not the least bit strenuous. You will ride at a nice, relaxed pace, on flat dirt route, and witness the most beautiful views Barcelona has to offer.

The Collserola Natural Park is an oasis in the Barcelona metropolitan area providing the population with a green wooded area away from the crowds and pollution associated with most big cities around the world. It contains around 10 million trees, 1,000 species of plants and almost 190 species of animals, reptiles and birds.

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Cycling day trip outside Barcelona

Your tour will start in Barcelona, where you will be picked up for a drive to Caldes de Montbui, your base for the bike tour, only 22 miles (35 kilometers) away.

Upon arrival at Caldes de Montbui you will be fitted with a helmet and suitable bike, while you are given a short explanation about the bikes and basic instructions for the day ride.

Your bike route will start in Caldes de Montbui, where thermal waters surface in many places due to geological faults and folds throughout the region. You will make your way out of the village through the picturesque scenery of the Catalan country side.

Your tour will end in “La Font de Lleo” the most famous Caldes de Montbui fountain, where you can witness the hot Thermal spring waters coming from the fountain at 76 Celsius.

On completion of the tour, you will be driven back to Barcelona with fond memories of the morning!

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Day hiking tours from Barcelona: Hiking tours in Montserrat

Hike through the natural park of Montserrat, home of the most emblematic sights of Catalonia. Visit the world famous Montserrat Monastery and Basilica, adding a taste of culture and history to a day of hiking in the great outdoors.

Start by driving to Montserrat passing through the country side surrounding Barcelona. Hiking through the natural park of Montserrat, you will witness the most emblematic sights of Catalonia, and capture its tremendous energy.

Along the way, your guide will explain about the morphology of the mountain, the geography and historical facts of interest. Upon reaching the highest point on the mountain at St. Jerome 4,055 feet (1,236 meters), there is a beautiful uninterrupted 360 degree view of the park. Your effort will be rewarded with a spectacular view stretching from the coast to the Pyrenees.

After a snack and drink break, you will continue the journey back down the mountain. There will be a short tour to the famous Montserrat Basilica, before returning to Barcelona.

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Day hiking tours from Barcelona: St Miquel del Fai

Starting from EUR €65.00 per person

Hike to St Miquel del Fai, where nature combined with medieval architecture provide the magical ingredients of a privileged place. After meeting in Barcelona, you will be driven to the St. Miquel del Fai hiking start point.

You will start the hike up to St. Miquel del Fai passing through the cascades and natural pools. Upon arriving at this magical spot, you will be met by the support vehicle guide, who will be waiting with snacks and drinks.

After a guided tour in St. Miquel del Fai, you will continue your hike returning down the mountain, where you will be met again by the support car, which will drive you back to Barcelona.

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