February 13th, 2010 | by nick |

Daroca is an attractive medieval town enclosed by impressive 4km-long walls. As for 2010 many of the town’s historic buildings were in poor condition, which is of course sad, but also conveys a certain charm. The town was named by the Arabs who occupied it for 400 years. During the Peninsular War, Napoleons troops entered Daroca destroying a good part of the Dominican convent.

I have rather unpleasant memories of this rather pleasant place as my coxis jerked out of position here I was adminstered with large shots of painkillers at the friendly local health centre, which in addition to the local fare I also recommend.
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  • Jewish Daroca: During the period of Muslim rule the Jewish quarter of Daroca was situated on the slope of Mt. San Jorge at the eastern approach to the valley, with the Jewish cemetery nearby. More here
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