Places and things in Spain

This site is about interesting places and things to see in Spain: wild places, industrial heritage, war, religious monuments, strange stories, unusual architecture, the famous and the seriously off the beaten track, the obvious and the bizzare. Google maps offer an exciting way of organising the above spatially. I find it interesting to see how places I’ve visited and/or written about over the years, join up together on the map. I still don’t understand how to get the best out of Google Maps, but I think that building up this database will allow lots of new forms of representing information. It is also enabling me to “rediscover” stuff written by me and others and lost in the labyrinth of iberianature, and so many of the markers point to elsewhere on the site. Inevitably there is some overlap.  Pink markers are villages and towns. Red markers refer to historical and cultural sites. Green trees refer, evidently, to nature (only Spain nature map here). See also separate map on Barcelona with an emphasis on the Civil War in the city.

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