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September 5th, 2009 | by Nick |

Photo: Pete's Pond, Botswana, Africa

I love this wild live 24h webcam on Pete’s pond in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. During the day animals such as elephants, warthogs, impalas, baboons and crocodiles can be seen in and around the pond, along with lots of birdlife. At night, the pond is sometimes visited by various big cats, hunting dogs, hyenas, a variety of smaller carnivores, rodents and aardvarks to a chorus of African chirping insects and croaking frogs. The camera is usually operated by volunteers, who zoom in on the action, which makes it possibly the best webcam anywhere in the world.¬†Warning: addictive.


The Mashatu Game Reserve also provide entertaining monthly reports on the sightings with the cam at the pond

Regular viewers of Pete’s Pond call themselves ‘Pondies’. National Geographic has a Facebook site to¬† allow Pondies to communicate amongst themselves and on which blogs scientists from Mashatu contribute on a regular basis.

My sightings on the Pete’s pond cam

Most recent at top

  • New sightings this morning- monitor lizard, female kudo and foal, vervet monkeys and the remarkable
    Also great fun watching warthogs frolic in mud and water.
  • There are some insane bird sounds which some of you might try to guess what they are. I haven’t got clue. One of them sounds like a cross between a cockerel and a wheezing donkey
  • A large group of elephants with babies has just turned up. They are very thirsty and are making an awful racket. The quality of the video is really remarkable.
  • Great white heron fishing….
  • It’s dark now. Six wilderbest have just turned up for a drink. They were a bit nervous and only stayed for a minute.
  • So far I’ve seen guinea fowl, warthogs, impalas and a type of night heron.
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