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European wildlife news 1

September 2nd, 2009
  • Fin whales have not returned this year to the Bay of Biscay in as many numbers as usual, raising concerns over the state of the fish stocks they feed on, and the health of this important marine ecosystem. Here
  • Sweden has introduced a shoot to kill and cull campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of vehicle accidents and damage to forests due to the increasing moose population in the country.  42 people have been killed and almost 2,000 people have been injured in road collisions involving the animals over the past five years. Here
  • Thousands of birds have died as a result of one of Norway’s worst oil disasters which happened 100 miles south of Norway’s capital city, Oslo, after an oil tanker ran aground in bad weather. Birdwatch
  • France faces an invasion of Chinese hornets that could hasten the decline of the honeybee population. BBC

Watching wolves in France

August 26th, 2009

Still difficult to see, but wolves are slowly returning to France across the Italian border. Wild wolves live in the Mercantour National Park, albeit in very small numbers, and so one will be very lucky to spot this shy, elusive creature – but it is possible! Ideal for a long weekend trip from Nice. Read more

Throughout the year with the high peaks are still covered in snow, and the human element very seldom seen we’ll combine five fantastic days walking with searching out for signs of wolf activity and of course all the other fauna and flora with which the area abounds. Alpha – The time of the wolf – Scénoparc in Le Boréon near St Martin Vésubie opened in 2005 – and gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the myth and legend of the wolf and come face to face with the centre’s 22 inhabitants. There have already been two litters of cubs born in Alpha which is a testament to their contentment in their new home. The centre has now received over 52000 visitors.

Local guides Patricia and Christian are passionate about this, their home ground, and the wolf. All activities are lead by fully qualified mountain leader/specialist activity personnel. Accommodation is in comfortable self catering gite, B&B or hotel options. The Mercantour National Park is just an hour’s drive north of Nice airport, easily accessible from most UK airports. Weekend and short breaks are also available.

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