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Lions being killed for Chinese medicine

October 20th, 2009 As wild tiger populations fall, poachers are turning to lions to feed the insatiable Chinese appetite for ‘potions’ made from big cat bones. Most at risk is the Asiatic lion found today only in the Gir Forest of India. Africa Conservation

World Press nature photos

October 1st, 2009

Cheetah reintroduction plan in India

September 21st, 2009

Giraffes in Imperial China

August 24th, 2009

Asian wildlife news 2

August 21st, 2009

Himalayas threatened

August 10th, 2009

Should cheetahs be reintroduced in India?

August 3rd, 2009

New attitudes to snakes in India

July 29th, 2009

Rhino poaching rife

July 26th, 2009 Rhino poaching in both in Africa and Asia has risen to a 15-year-high driven by Asian demand for horns, according to new research. An estimated two to three animals are being killed a week in some areas. “An estimated three rhinos were illegally killed each month in all of Africa from 2000-05, out of a population of around 18,000. In contrast, 12 rhinoceroses now are being poached each month in South Africa and Zimbabwe alone, the three groups told the 58th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Standing Committee this week in Geneva.” The problem is not restricted to Africa “About 10 rhinos have been poached in India and at least seven in Nepal since January alone” Science Daily See also

New lizard found in India

July 24th, 2009 Biologists have discovered a new species of lizard in the lush forests of the Western Ghats mountain range in Maharashtra, India. The small reptile is a sepcies of gecko and was found by taxonomist Varad Giri. It has been named Cnemasspis kolhapurensis. BBC