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Lions in Niger

August 20th, 2009 I found this article on living with lions in Niger fascinating. The people in the Tamou Wildlife Reserve have developed social rules in order to live in peaceful coexistence with lions. They have a saying which goes “It will be a major problem, if the lion vanishes”. “The villagers never hunt lions, fearing reprisal from the animals’ “spiritual beings”. They believe that the lion’s spiritual power pervades the village’s surroundings, and is a source of power for them. The lion is regarded as a “guardian animal”. The animal is a justice-maker and its presence is said to discourage outsiders from coming to steal cattle from Moli Haoussa… “The fuhaly of the sage-like lion, found in the animal’s parts, is said to cast a beneficial influence. So lion parts are used as ingredients of gris-gris, amulet thought to ward off evil. But the people of Moli Houssa obtain lion parts from only from dead lion corpses found in the forest.” See also Playboy hunters with helicopters and Kalashnikovs are driving the Sahel’s fragile population of wild animals to extinction.  The Indepedent

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August 7th, 2009

Photo of Semien Mountains (Wikipedia)

  • 10,000 foreign tourists flock to Semien Mountains Good news for wildlife tourism and conservation in Ethiopia. The Semien Mountains National Park secured more than 1.4 million Birrfrom tourists who visited the park last year, coming to see endemic animals such as Walia Ibex and Ethiopian Wolf.
  • Attempt to save the Colobus Monkey in Kenya. In the 12 years since the Colobus Trust has been counting, the number of colobus monkeys (Colobus angolensis palliatus) has plummeted from 482 to 276. Many have been killed by power lines. Now they are building bridges at strategic points to avert further deaths. Also in Kenya the government has been asked to extend the campaign against destruction of forests to the Coast.
  • Six young lowland gorillas rescued from the illegal bush meat trade, have been freed on a lagoon island just outside Loango National Park in Gabon.
  • The discovery of ancient human burial site in Niger, Africa last Summer with graves, plant fibers and seeds is confirmation of what scientists have long known: that the Sahara region was once a relatively lush region hospitable to many early human groups. Many other larger animals such as hippos, lived in the area. Ecodaily
  • Elephants are putting strain on Kenya’s National Park ecosystems, trampling woodland and putting other species at risk, according to a new report.
  • And rather bizarrely from the Zim Dispora:  “A man in this remote area of Zimbabwe’s Manicaland province was last weekend fined a beast and a bucket of millet for claiming ownership of a marauding hyena that was killed after it had devastated livestock belonging to local villagers.”