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September 2nd, 2009
  • Fin whales have not returned this year to the Bay of Biscay in as many numbers as usual, raising concerns over the state of the fish stocks they feed on, and the health of this important marine ecosystem. Here
  • Sweden has introduced a shoot to kill and cull campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of vehicle accidents and damage to forests due to the increasing moose population in the country.  42 people have been killed and almost 2,000 people have been injured in road collisions involving the animals over the past five years. Here
  • Thousands of birds have died as a result of one of Norway’s worst oil disasters which happened 100 miles south of Norway’s capital city, Oslo, after an oil tanker ran aground in bad weather. Birdwatch
  • France faces an invasion of Chinese hornets that could hasten the decline of the honeybee population. BBC