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The Red-eyed Frog – the most photogenic frog in the world?

February 25th, 2011

With its feet tucked in and eyes firmly shut, the Red-eyed Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) merges perfectly into the leaves where it rests all day.  But if threatened by a predator, it only has to open its bulging eyes and the ensuing flash of red can be enough to startle the predator for a second or two.  As the frog leaps into action, the unexpected apparition of bright orange toes can also delay the attack long enough for a getaway.

Those large popping eyes make striking photographs, and the technicolour Red-eyed Frog, featured on countless magazine front covers, has become a symbol of its threatened tropical rain forest habitat.

Where to see the Red-eyed Frog?

They are common in Costa Rica in Tortuguero national park and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.  The best time to see them is in the rainy season when they come down from the tree-tops to mate and lay eggs.