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Wildlife cruises in the European Arctic

July 20th, 2010

Wildlife cruises to Spitzbergen, Greenland and Iceland

This voyage combines the spectacular wildlife in Spitzbergen with the striking desolate landscapes of Eastern Greenland, and the fascinating history of the Westman Islands. After several days in the Svalbard Archipelago, scouring the ice and glaciers for bears, walrus, foxes and birdlife, the ship crosses the Greenland Sea to explore the rugged coast of Greenland, with an excursion into Scoresbysund, the largest fjord complex in the world, and the birthplace of many icebergs. Finally, off the coast of Iceland we visit the extraordinary volcanic Westman Islands. Being above the Arctic Circle means 24 hour daylight so there is virtually unlimited time to relish in the experiences on this remarkable Arctic voyage.

Vega Islands bird paradise

August 5th, 2009

The Vega archipelago in Norway just south of the Arctic Circle enjoys Unesco protection and is a birdwatcher’s dream. Eider ducks are also raised here for their feathers – the houses built for them to nest in can still be seen, alongside lighthouses, fishing villages and imposing landscapes. This looks like a nice place to stay if you can wook out the Norwegian.


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Unesco quote

Vega archipelago reflects the way generations of fishermen/farmers have, over the past 1500 years, maintained a sustainable living in an inhospitable seascape near the Arctic Circle, based on the now unique practice of eider down harvesting, and it also celebrate the contribution made by women to the eider down process. Unesco

Vega, Norway – Wikipedia

Eidemsliene nature reserve has many warmth-loving species of plants and the most oceanic pine forest in North Norway. Holandsosen nature reserve is an important wetland area with a shallow lake and soil rich in lime; 149 species of birds have been observed in this reserve which has a rich bird life all year (many birds use this as their winter quarter). Lånan nature reserve preserves many types of coastal nature and is a very important area for many species of birds; eider down harvesting is still practiced here.