Bats in the USA

Disease ‘wipes out million bats’ A disease known as white-nose syndrome is likely to wipe out a once-common species of bat in the north-eastern US, according to scientists.

Bats In The Desert Southwest There are numerous species of bats throughout North America. Those that inhabit the southwestern deserts comprise 11 genera and more than 18 species.

White-Nose Syndrome – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Something is killing our bats The U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region has issued an emergency order closing caves and abandoned mines on national forests and national grasslands in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas for one year in response to the spread of WNS.

Pennsylvania bats information on insectivorous bats found in North America.

Bats facing regional extinction in Northeastern US from rapidly spreading disease

A new infectious disease spreading rapidly across the northeastern United States has killed millions of bats and is predicted to cause regional extinction of a once-common bat species, according to new findings. Estimates show over 99 percent of Northeast’s little brown bat population may become extirpated in 20 years due to white-nose syndrome.

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