Wildlife of Florida

Wildfire prevention pays big dividends in Florida, study finds

Wildfire prevention education in Florida pays for itself several times over by saving millions of dollars in fire-fighting costs and reducing damages from human-caused fires, according to new research

Everglades on Unesco danger list

A UN panel adds the Florida Everglades to a list of world heritage sites at risk. They were also classified as at risk from 1993-2007.
Unesco’s World Heritage Committee said development in the Everglades had caused water flow to fall 60% in the wetland, a major wildlife sanctuary.

The pollution level there was so high it was killing marine life, it added.

Florida’s Wildlife Freezing to Death

Manatees, sea turtles and fish in the Sunshine State are dying in record numbers because of the unusually long cold snap. Manatees have been among the hardest hit, with over 200 killed in January alone, and carcasses continuing to wash ashore. The highest number of manatee deaths for a single calendar year in Florida waters is 429, so local officials are closely monitoring these endangered marine mammals. See also Florida Tropical Fish Freezing to Death

Wildlife Extra News – Florida’s wildlife to be paved over by 2060 When people compare a map of Florida as it is currently to a map reflecting predicted development by the year 2060, there is usually a gasp

NSiS: Florida Wildlife

Florida wildlife — viewing locations and habitat creation.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Information and regulations on hunting, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, wildlife viewing, bird watching

Florida Wildlife Magazine

Florida Wildlife Magazine is the eyes and voice of natural Florida, published since 1947 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

State of Florida.com – Florida Wildlife

Online guide to Florida Wildlife. … Manages Florida’s statewide fish and wildlife resources. Florida Wildlife Extension Landscaping for Wildlife

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