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The road side fortune-teller (in white dhoti and shirt with his forehead smeared with holy ash and vermilion) has a series of pre-written cards (27 fortune cards based on the Indian cosmic system) predicting what the future will be (mostly they are optimistic messages). The lovable parakeet, known as tota in Hindi, with wings clipped so it cannot fly away, walks daintily across and digs into the pack of cards or picks up one of the tarot cards with its beak which are neatly displayed on a small table/stool and the fortune teller takes it from there to interpret the prediction in exchange for a small sum of money.  [Ananda Banerjee, Delhi, India]
Old-forest owls, particularly the Forest Eagle-owl, play major roles in many Nepali and Hindu legends. As heard calling at night from cemeteries and sacred groves, such owls are thought to have captured the spirit of a person departed from this world. In one sense, then, many of these owl species can serve as indicators of the religious value of a forest (Marcot 1995); conserving the religious site equally conserves key roost or nest sites.
Members of the animistic Garo Hills Tribe of Meghalaya, northeast India, call owls dopo or petcha. Along with nightjars, they also refer to owls as doang, which means birds that are believed to call out at night when a person is going to die; its cry denotes the death of a person

How three Indian villages saved the Amur falcon In the eastern Indian state of Nagaland, three villages have worked together to save the Amur falcon from mass slaughter. Conservation and patrolling programme – Friends of the Amur Falcon.

Birdwatching on India’s Lake Chilika The Guardian Lake Chilika, in the little-visited Indian state of Orissa, is a haven for birds

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