Nilgiri Hills

BBC radio documentary about the Nilgiri Hills in India

The hills get their name..the Blue Hills… from this spectacular synchronised flowering which attracts thousands of tourists each day.
But many people also come to see a rare goat-antelope called the Nilgiri tahr….sometimes known as the cloud-goat, which is found almost entirely in the south –west of India, and which has become a conservation icon for the area.

As many mountain goats , sheep and deer around the world are threatened by hunting and habitat loss, Tessa meets the biologists studying these often neglected mammals and uncovers the remarkable story of the cloud goats of India’s Blue Hills.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

The reserve has very rich plant diversity. Of 3300 species, 1232 are endemic. The genus Baeolepis is exclusively endemic to the NBR. Other plants entirely restricted to the NBR Reserve include species of Adenoon, Calacanthus, Baeolepis, Frerea, Jarodina, Wagotea and Poeciloneuron. Of the 175 species of orchids found here, 8 are endemic. These include endangered species of Vanda, Liparis, Bulbophyllum, Spiranthes and Thrixspermum.

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