Rhinos in Nepal

Nepal rhino population declines (BBC – 2005)

The number of endangered one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal has declined in recent years, due mainly to poaching, wildlife authorities say. The latest count of the population has shown that rhino numbers have dropped to fewer than 400 from nearly 600 animals in three parks in 2000.

Rare One-Horned Rhino Bouncing Back in Nepal

Numbers of the rare Indian rhinoceros are rising in Nepal, a nationwide government census has found. Recently field observers counted 408 rhinos over two weeks in Royal Chitwan National Park, one of the last remaining strongholds for the endangered animals.

Preliminary numbers from the census suggest an increase from 2005, when observers reported seeing only 372 rhinos in the park.

Rhino numbers in other parts of the country have remained stable, with preliminary counts suggesting there are 31 rhinos in Royal Bardia National Park and 6 in the Royal Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, both in western Nepal.

Nepal orders investigation into slaughter of rhinos

Nepal’s government is investigating the poaching of rhinos in the Himalayan nation after 28 of the endangered animals were killed over the past 11 months.

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