Walking and wildlife holidays in Peru

Jungle treehouse in Peru One of the ways to help save the Amazon is to visit it. This Peruvian treehouse above the rainforest canopy is a great way of doing it be it ain’t cheap

When the lodge first told me I’d be sleeping up a tree, I had assumed it was Latin hyperbole; but no, there the treehouse was, clinging to the slender trunk of a cepanchila. To get there you had to climb a wooden tower and a series of rope walkways. (The Guardian)

John Harrison and his trusted plus donkey travelling in Peru and Ecuador When he acquired a donkey to carry his stuff in the land of the Incas, the writer never dreamed his relationship with the beast of burden would be filled with such hatred and frustration (The Guardian)

Condors Video (4min 11sec), Video: Matt Carroll treks the Colca Canyon of Peru in search of one of the world’s most elusive and majestic birds (The Guardian)

Matt Carroll walking in Peru (The Guardian)

For once in my life I’m utterly speechless. Standing here, on the edge of the biggest canyon I’ve ever seen, I’m staring at a cluster of villages sprinkled across the opposite side of the valley. As the crow flies, they’re probably about three miles away; it feels as if you could simply step off the edge of the cliff and glide across the gap in a few minutes. But the only way to reach them is a steep path that dangles its way down the treacherous slope like an unravelled ball of string. Having come looking for ‘off-the-beaten-track’ Peru, it seems I’ve just struck gold.

Wildlife holidays in Peru with Naturetrek . good range of trips for most tastes from this expert operator

Brown Capuchin Monkey (Peter Price)

Peru possesses an unrivalled range of environments inside one country, ranging from harsh deserts to vast rainforests, high snow-covered peaks to ox-bow lakes deep in the jungle, offshore islands to temperate cloudforest, glaciers to volcanoes and from grasslands to cactus-studded canyons.

Transitions from one environment to another are extremely rapid and during our travels we shall visit all the major habitats found in southern Peru from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes and the lowlands of Amazonia, marvelling at some of the finest scenery in the world.

I’d personally go for their Rainforest Mammals of Peru tour A natural history tour to Peru staying at the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Centre, from where we will look for the area’s unique mammals and other wildlife.

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