Wildlife of Turkey

Autumn at Lake Karagöl by voyageAnatolia.blogspot.com.

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Anatolia is one of the foremost world sources of plants which have been cultivated for food, and the wild ancestors of many plants which now provide staples for mankind still grow here…..The diversity of fauna in Turkey is even greater than that of wild plants. While the number of species throughout Europe as a whole is around 60,000, in Turkey they number over 80,000. If subspecies are also counted, then this number rises to over a hundred thousand. Turkey’s flora and fauna

The Turkish Zero Extinction Fund

Turkey’s Key Biodiversity Areas As indicated on the map appearing on our homepage, 266 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) have been identified in Turkey. These sites cover 14.894.169 hectares (about 19% of Turkey’s total surface area) and 80% of these lack a formal protection status. 184 of these sites also correspond to Important Bird Areas. In the scope of the European Union’s Birds Directive (79/409/EEC) and Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), these areas need to be integrated to the Natura 2000 network that Turkey is committed to partake.

The Birds of Turkey (Helm Field Guides) – essential book with great reviews on Amazon

The Birds of Turkey (Helm Field Guides)

The Birds of Turkey contains a detailed account of every species on the Turkish list, with a full breakdown of records and status, distribution in Turkey, and taxonomy. There are also authoritative introductory chapters on geography, climate, habitats, history of ornithology and conservation

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I see it’s a beatiful reference for Turkey. 463 species that admitted into Turkish list are listed, with usually three paragraphs, first paragraph is about subspecies and taxonomy, second is about distribution and third is (only found in breeding birds) about breeding of species.

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