Travelling in Turkey

Eastern Turkey Adventure

Get well off the beaten track and explore the lesser known region of Eastern Turkey. Exotic bazaars, ancient mud brick cities and the mysterious giant heads on Mount Nemrut Dagi, all seeped in ancient history – this is Turkey at its most fascinating.

Ultimate Turkey

Combining the best of West and Eastern Turkey, this journey offers a comprehensive view of this beautiful and fascinating country. Explore the moonscapes of Cappadocia, be amazed by Roman ruins and relax on perfect beaches. Then step into the ancient East, exploring exotic covered bazaars, mud brick cities and experiencing life in a place where time seems to stand still.

Istanbul to Tehran

Take an epic journey into the unknown. Explore ancient cities, fascinating bazaars and taste local dishes in this historic and beautiful part of the world. Reveal the hidden secrets of Eastern Turkey and discover the legendary hospitality of Iran on this action packed 15-day adventure. More

Hot air ballooning holiday in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is simply unique; whilst there may be many amazing beaches, forests and jungles in the world, there is only one place like this and Cappadocia provides excellent conditions for Hot Air Balloon flights.

Every flight is a wonderful adventure as you float majestically over this surreal topography feeling the stillness of the world, and the distant sound of villages waking up beneath your sunrise pass. Sometimes, flying low through this extraordinary landscape you may even find yourself picking apricots from the tree-tops. Without doubt this is some of the best hot air ballooning in the world. Combine the experience with the quirky ambience of troglodyte accommodations, local guided tours and excellent restaurants for a truly memorable holiday.

Activity holidays in Turkey

An exciting and active one-week holiday including five full days of adventure in south-west Turkey, exploring the coast and mountains of the Dalyan region. Here is your chance to have lots of outdoor fun and to experience a Turkey that most visitors never get to see.

This area offers a huge variety of landscapes to explore: limestone mountains over 2000m high: clear blue wild-flowing rivers; deep rocky canyons; cool forests of pine and sycamore; peaceful lakes and streams; a spectacular coastline; and one of the best beaches of the Med, the famous ‘Turtle Beach’ at Iztuzu – 10 km of unspoilt sandy shore, the nesting ground of the endangered Caretta Caretta turtle.

Kayaking in Turkey, Turquoise coast

An active week kayaking around the secluded bays, coves and beaches of the Turquoise Coast. We paddle over the sunken city at Kekova and along the coast past ancient ruins from Lycian, Roman and Byzantine times.The sea kayaks are great fun to pilot and there are plenty of stops for swimming, relaxing and refreshments. Our free day is spent in the delightful coastal town of Kas where there is the option to go diving or paragliding. No previous kayaking experience is necessary, but a good level of fitness is a must.

Village homestays in Turkey

Stay in village accommodation either with a farming family or in nomadic tents in the Kurdish village of Yuvacali, situated between Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir. Join in family life by milking the sheep and rolling out huge rounds of unleavened bread for breakfast. See a way of life which has changed little since Biblical times, and enjoy home-grown organic produce. Sleep on handmade mattresses: outside, under the stars in summer, and snuggled around a dung-burning fire in winter.

Turkey Eastern Borderlands

A world away from Turkey’s popular resorts, this exciting new eastern borderlands tour offers adventure, scenery and cultural interest on a grand scale.

Our journey begins in the lush, towering and verdant mountains of the Black Sea region, close to Georgia, and concludes on the arid plains that stretch down towards Syria. On the way we shall find a complex mix of cultures both past and present. We visit some evocative and historically important sites, such as the ancient Armenian capital of Ani, the Byzantine masterpiece that is Sumela Monastery, the Ishak Pasa Palace, the architecture of Mardin and many seldom visited spots such as Lake Çildir and the remote Georgian churches and fortresses in the northeast. Mount Ararat at 5137m dominates the Iranian border and Lake Van, vast and mountain encircled, feeds the plains near the Iraqi frontier.

Archaeological cruise sailing holiday in Turkey

This archaeological cruise and cultural tour explores the virtually untouched coastline of ancient Lycia, on Turkey’s breathtaking turquoise coast.

Behind the soaring Taurus mountains an extraordinary culture and a fiercely independent people developed. Their funerary architecture, unlike anything else in the world, still litters their once prosperous ports. We step back in time, to see how these towns evolved from Greek, Roman and Byzantine times to the present day. Their location, history, and state of preservation make for some of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world.

Turkey mountain biking holiday, Turquoise Coast

Turkey offers a great introduction to mountain biking with typically dry single track or forest fire track trails for novice riders, while also providing a more relaxing break for the experienced rider. Every day has a downhill bias, with 1000m or more of descent: vehicle support to take us up to the start of the day’s riding, and all with a stunning backdrop of mountains, canyons, cedar forests and the ruins of ancient civilizations. En route we have lots of time for impromptu picnics and swimming stops, and the chance to experience the famous hospitality of Turkish village life. Our last four nights are based in the lively port town of Kas, our base for great evening entertainment. Kas is comparatively unspoilt, with locally-run restaurants and bars along the marina and side streets extending in towards the town square. With a free day, adrenaline junkies can finish the week with optional paragliding, scuba diving, or kayaking over a sunken city. Alternatively, simply relax in the sun on one of the nearby Mediterranean beaches.

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