Monk seal in Turkey

Some 100 Mediterranean monk seals survive in Turkish waters. Monk seal Guardian

WWF news report on fishermen becoming guardians of the Mediterranean monk seal in Turkey

Thanks to overfishing by industrial fishing boats, Turkey’s Mediterranean monk seals are going hungry and local fishermen are struggling to make a living. Competing for the same limited food supply, the seals are most often the losers.

But in two places on the Mediterranean – the outer Gulf of Izmir and the Cilician Basin – the fishermen have become guardians of the monk seals. And in doing so, they are bringing back the fish and improving their own livelihoods.

Monk seal deaths in the Turkish Aegean

Two monk seal deaths were reported in April and May 2010 via the AFBIKA information network of SAD-AFAG.

In the first case on 21 April 2010, local residents in a summer house complex observed a dead seal floating in the sea in the Yal?kavak K?z?lburun region of the Bodrum Peninsula and on their own initiative pulled the corpse to shore. They immediately contacted Yal?kavak Municipality and the SAD-AFAG representative veterinarian Dr. Fulya Massozi.

Following an initial examination on site by Dr. Massozi and municipality officials, the corpse was transported to the Yal?kavak veterinary clinic for further examination.

The resulting necropsy determined that the seal had been shot three times in the right shoulder; four ribs and the right shoulder blade had been broken, with a significant amount of blood accumulating in the chest cavity. Internal bleeding was found to be the cause of death. One rifle bullet and several small calibre pellets were discovered in internal organs.

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