Göksu Delta

According to Ramsar Wetland Sites

Göksu Delta. is an important wetland delta located on a bird migration route. Sands and saline steppe cover large areas. The site supports reedbeds, marshes, swamps, meadows and, in the surrounding area, agricultural fields. It is a refuge for internationally important numbers of wintering ducks. Up to 327 bird species occur, including the globally endangered Phalacrocorax pygmeus and Pelecanus crispus. Two species of endangered marine turtles nest in the area. Reptiles and amphibians (34 species) form a primary link in the food chain of waterbirds. Human activities include fishing, tourism, and conservation education. Remains of cities from Neolithic times through many subsequent civilizations are found there, including nearby Silike Castle and ancient Seleucia. Non-point agricultural pollution and proposed dams present potential threats

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