Kaçkar Mountains

The Kaçkar Mountains or simply Kaçkars (Turkish: Kaçkarlar) are a mountain range along the Black Sea coast in eastern Turkey. With the highest peak Kaçkar Da?? (3,937 m), and mountain plateaus at about 3,000 m, it is the highest part of Pontic Mountains. The Kaçkars are glaciated alpine mountains with steep rocky peaks and numerous lakes.


  • Kaçkar Mountains National Park
  • Sustainable Tourism in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park Very interesting article
    The Kaçkar Mountain National Park includes the highest and longest Mountain chain of
    the East Black Sea Mountains with the Kaçkar (3,932 m) as the highest peak. The Mountain
    massif of the Kaçkar also represents one of the most highly glaciated areas of the Turkey
    mountains. Today, there are five large glaciers in the Kaçkar Mountain National Park. The
    Kaçkar Mountain National Park contribute to the biological diversity of the East Black Sea
    Mountains.There are 11 villages and 44 yaylas in the park. (Summer pasture Turkish word is
    yayla. Seasonal herders living in the East Black Sea Region use the national park as a
    pastureland. Their housing is of a more permanent style in the yaylas.) Tourism activities
    being carried out in the Kaçkar Mountain National Park in recent years provide a significant
    contribution to the rural economy. Owing to both its natural features and cultural structure,
    the area has become one of the important points of attraction for mountain and this context
    mostly include climbing, trekking, camping, heliski, photography, flora, fauna and natural
    beauty-seeing, meeting the local people who live in yaylas and learning about their lifestyle.
    Owing to these activities, the local people earn from accommodation, transportation,
    sovenir sales, guidance services, etc., which further add to rural economy. The
    accommodation potential of the park amounts about 1000 beds.

  • GORP – Trek the Kackar Mountains


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