Wildlife of Lycia

This is an excellent page about the wildlife and national parks of Lycian Turkey with some good links.

Lycia once abounded with wildlife.  George Sharf, who travelled with Charles Fellows, tells us that in the places the group passed through in Lycia, all the local men carried guns for defense against bears, wolves, leopards and lions.  Many reliefs on Lycian tombs depict hunting scenes.  (as can be seen on this spectacular sarcophagus at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum of a boar hunt).  The last bears and wolves were exterminated only recently, but live in other parts of the country. Lions were an important feature in Lyican tomb art and Charles Fellows commented, “The lion is seen everywhere throughout the valley of the Xanthus; every bas-relief, tomb, seat or coin, shows the figure of limbs of this animal. Read more

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