Yumurtalik Lagoons

According to Ramsar Wetland Sites

The Yumurtalik Lagoons comprises the whole of the alluvial delta formed by several rivers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with a broad array of freshwater and coastal habitat types which support sand dune vegetation, salt marsh vegetation, stream bank vegetation, and ruderal vegetation of roadsides and field margins. The threatened sea turtles Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas are supported, and the site is one of the key points where migratory birds on the Palaearctic-Africa route meet, using the site as both a stopover and a wintering site. It is also a key area for fish reproduction. The main uses of the area are irrigation agriculture, commercial and artisanal fishing, and recreation, as it is close to the city of Adana along a beautiful and uncrowded coast.

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