Spiders in Turkey

Venomous Spiders of Turkey In Turkey, some species of Latrodectus, Steatoda, Loxosceles, Cheiracanthium, Segestria, Agelena, Tegenaria, Araneus and Argiope are venomous.

Spiders of Turkey Complete list

Poisonous Spiders in Turkey

Turkey is home to many species of venomous spiders. These spiders dwell both in rural areas and in urban Turkey. The venom in the bite of these spiders cause a range of symptoms in humans from mild swelling to paralysis and causes death in young children and cattle.

Spider superstition in Turkey Most mosques in Turkey are protected from spiders and webs.

They protect them with Ostrich eggs. Mosques, including the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Selimiye Mosque in Edirne and Old Mosque in Adana have ostrich eggs hanging outside them. The new Sabanci Mosque in Adana doesn’t have an ostrich egg yet, but I expect to see one soon. Ostrich eggs give off a scent that keeps spiders away, but remains unnoticed by humans. Even more interesting, that method is quite effective, and one egg is good for hundreds of years.

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