Wildlife books on Turkey

There appear to be very few wildlife books on Turkey published in English. The only one worth recommending which is specific to the country is:

The Birds of Turkey (Helm Field Guides) – essential book with great reviews on Amazon

The Birds of Turkey (Helm Field Guides)

The Birds of Turkey contains a detailed account of every species on the Turkish list, with a full breakdown of records and status, distribution in Turkey, and taxonomy. There are also authoritative introductory chapters on geography, climate, habitats, history of ornithology and conservation

Reviews noted “”This is without doubt a monumental publication” “Guy Kirwan and his team are to be congratulated on a thorough, professional publication that will without doubt be the essential reference for Turkish birdlife” BirdGuides.com February 2009 “this book is a great achievement in the study of birds of the Middle East” Falcon Research Group, Spring 2009″

Birdwatchers may well also be interested in Birds of the Middle East (also Helm Field Guides) which covers Turkey, along with the Arabian peninsula, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran and Cyprus.

For reptiles your best bet (if your haven’t already got it) is the classic by E Arnold:

Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe (Princeton Field Guides)

Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe (Princeton Field Guides)

This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and best-illustrated guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Europe. Never has such a volume covered nearly as many species or as broad a geographical area. All 198 known species, including some that were recently discovered or distinguished, are described through 330 superb illustrations on 49 color plates and thoroughly informative text. In these pages you will find every salamander, newt, tree frog, toad, tortoise, turtle, terrapin, gecko, agama, lizard, chameleon, slow worm, skink, amphisbaenian, and snake found not only on the continent and the British Isles but on the European Atlantic islands (the Canaries, Madeira, and the Azores) and on the Greek islands off the coast of Asiatic Turkey. Among the highlights are the Majorcan midwife toad, known only as a fossil until found alive in 1980, and the Gomera giant lizard, first seen alive in 2000. The text describes in detail all species and distinct subspecies, with notes on range, size, color and markings, diagnostic characteristics, habits, behavior and, in the case of venomous snakes, their poison. Amazon

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