Birds of Albania

The birds of Albania includes a total of 353 species. Full list here

Birdwatching and Wildlife Holidays in Montenegro and Albania

A new and imaginative itinerary visiting Europe’s newest nation, Montenegro, and one of its most mysterious: Albania. We’ll birdwatch amongst the area’s rich wetlands, its conifer-clad mountains, the fjords of the Adriatic coast and islands, starting and ending the tour in the wonderful old walled city of Dubrovnik.

Albania bird stamps

Birdwatching Trip Report from Albania

Latin. A dead language you say. I agree, except in one key area: – bird names. So why did I spend a couple of happy days in Albanian wetlands speaking Latin? The European Commission, or more specifically a friend who works for the Delegation of the European Commission and knowing my interest in wildlife phoned up Taulant Bino, a man who has the privilege of being Albania’s only professional ornithologist; and I do mean only. Taulant does speak good English (and French) but his colleague had none at all, and I have no Albanian. Hence the Latin, which he had in abundance and I have in parts. So when I looked up to the sky I had to ignore the Red-footed Falcon and instead see Falco vespertinus.

Karavasta Lagoon (Important Birds Areas of Albania)