Birds of Angola

Some 920 species of birds are present in Angola. Now with the end of the war, the country is once again open and reasonably safe for birdwatchers.

Birds Angola – Home

Angola boasts a wealth of birdlife, thanks largely to its wide range of habitats. More than 920 species can be found between the parched gravel plains of the Namib in the south and the lush rainforests of the Congo Basin in the north. Most noteworthy are the scarp forests and Afromontane habitats associated with the Western Angola Endemic Bird Area. This area holds 14 range-restricted species, including several Data Deficient, Vulnerable and Endangered species.

Birds Angola is a group of individuals and organisations that aim to support, promote and conduct information gathering, research and conservation of Angolan birds. Our main focus is the scientific publication of information on Angolan birds, at this stage concentrated primarily on descriptive studies, with a strong focus on priority taxa and areas for conservation. We also provide an extensive bibliography of Angolan birds and run a online database of Angolan bird records in collaboration with Natural World.

Angola Birding Tour (above photo)

For more than thirty years Angola’s highly sought after endemic birds were beyond safe reach. Gladly, things have changed for the better and the country has become a peaceful and safe country to visit. However, few birders and ornithologists have yet wandered through its extraordinary landscapes, and no single person has seen all the nation’s endemic species.

Join us and complete your turaco or mousebird sightings with the striking Red-crested Turaco or Red-backed Mousebird. Be one of the first 10 birders to see Swierstra’s Spurfowl, or just enjoy notching up species seen by only a handful of birders: Gabela Helmetshrike, Gabela Bushshrike, White-headed Robin-Chat, Angola Cave Chat, Pulitzer’s Longbill or Gabela Akalat.

Birds and birding in Angola

Angola is one of the most exciting and least visited birding countries in Africa. Crammed into its generous borders is a multitude of habitats: deserts in the south-west; arid savannas in the south; mountains in the west, with associated Afromontane forests and grasslands; tropical lowland forest in the north and Cabinda; sub-montane forest along the escarpment, and vast areas of broadleaved Miombo woodlands over most of the east.

List of birds of Angola

Angola Endemic Bird Area

The western Angola Endemic Bird Area has 14 range-restricted species. Little is known about the conservation status of the region’s birds due to the civil war that has raged in Angola for the last 27 years. The greatest diversity of restricted-range species is found in Cuanza Sul province, and given the uncertainty about their current status, many of these species are listed as Threatened. Gabela Bush-shrike Laniarius amboimensis are common and Monteiro’s Bush-shrike Malaconotus monteiri are fairly common in degraded secondaryforest, old coffee plantations and primary forest at Kumbira . Pulitzer’s Longbill Macrosphenus pulitzeri is fairly common at higher elevations at Kumbira as well as in the dense understorey of secondary forest west of Seles. Angola Cave-chat Xenocopsychus ansorgei is found on the rocky slopes above the forest at Kumbira.

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