Tigers in Bangladesh


Experts baffled by ‘small’ tigers Tigers prowling the famous mangrove forests of Bangladesh are nearly half the weight of other wild Bengal tigers in South Asia, a study has found. The average weight of female tigers in the Sundarbans forests was 76.7kg (170lb), according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service research. BBC

Tiger conservation in Bangladesh In Bangladesh there are an estimated 300 and 500 tigers – this is one of the largest populations of tigers left in the world! Conserving the tigers in Bangladesh will therefore contribute massively to the conservation of the species as a whole.

Bangladesh tiger plan aims to cut clashes with humans (Reuters) Bangladesh has launched  a program to train field staff in the Sundarban forest, home to Bengal tigers, to prevent contacts between villagers and the animals that may lead to tragedy for both.

Bangladeshi villagers kill tiger 14 SEPTEMBER 2010 (BBC) Villagers in southern Bangladesh have beaten to death a Royal Bengal Tiger, a critically endangered species, after it strayed near their homes. It was the second tiger killed near the Sunderbans mangrove forests this year.An estimated 440 tigers live in the forests, which stretch between Bangladesh and India.