Wildlife holidays in Belarus

Parts of Belerus enjoy a reputation as one of the most pristine areas of Europe. And it’s got eight species of woodpecker!

Wildlife holidays in Belarus (Naturetrek)

It has a rich bird life, including eight woodpecker species, more than 16 species of raptor, and both Ural and Eagle Owls.

Over 800 species of vascular plant have been recorded, 21 of which are listed as endangered.

Its mammalian fauna includes herds of European Bison, Wild Boar, Muskrat, Elk and both Pine and Beech Martens

Including Belarus in Spring

A 7-day birdwatching and natural history holiday exploring the wonderful primeval oak forests and wetlands of Pripiatsky Reserve and the Pripiat River

Birdwatching and Wildlife Holidays in Belarus (Travelling Naturalist)

Belarus is set to become one of the prime birdwatching destinations in Europe. This eastern neighbour of Poland boasts a superb variety of birds including Terek Sandpiper and Azure Tit, and mammals including Bison, Lynx and Wolf.