Wildlife of Belgium

Beaver Re-extroduction in Belgium

Beaver reintroduction in Belgium started as a NGO-project in 1998 with the release of a family of beavers from the Elbe population, followed in 1998 and 1999 by 97 beavers from Bavaria. All beavers were released in Wallonia in southern Belgium. In the eastern part of Bel-gium there is also a small population originating from immigrants from the Eifel population in Germany (Rubbers pers. comm.). From Belgium, at least 1 beaver has moved into Luxembourg (Schley, pers. comm.). See also First record of the beaver Castor fiber in Luxembourg since at the 19th century

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Belgium Wild Europe

With one of the highest population densities in Europe, Belgium can be associated with many things: the EU administration, old trading cities like Antwerp and Genth, a highway which traffic lights you can see from the moon, wafles and “frites” – but nature? At a second glance though even nature enthusiasts will be surprised to find some exciting places scattered between the cities and highways and at the borders with Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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