Birds of Bhutan

Although Bhutan lacks endemics, its total bird count is an impressive 650 species. The national bird of Bhutan is the Raven, and it was once a capital crime to kill one in the country.

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Birds of Bhutan – an introduction Although lacking any endemics, Bhutan’s bird list tops 650 species, almost half of what has been recorded in the whole Indian subcontinent. But we think that Bhutan is seriously under-birded thanks to difficult terrain and the country’s isolation. Many birds that are common a stone’s throw away across the southern border with India are, as yet, unrecorded in Bhutan. Similar must be the case with Bhutan’s northern borders. It is only a matter of time before these birds are observed and added to Bhutan’s growing list

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Bhutan’s reverence for birds is even exhibited on the Royal Raven Crown of the Druk Gyalpo. The national bird is the Raven, and it was once a capital crime in Bhutan to kill one. Ravens are even know to nest in the walls of the nation’s monasteries and dzongs.

Books about Bhutan birdlife

Birds of Bhutan

This is the basic guide to the ornithology of Bhutan, covering all 555 species regularly recorded in the country and includes a list of vagrants. According to a reader on Amazon:

Most guidebooks for birders are very general in their descriptions of birds. “Birds of Bhutan” tells you when and where in the country you can view them. Includes endangered, endemic and vagrant species. Beautifully detailed showing all local varieties, this book is Written very specifically about Bhutan Birds but, still gives information about where in Asia these birds range. This Book is a must have!

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