Tigers in Bhutan

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The tiger population in Bhutan seems to be close to a natural density. Studies in the last 10 years estimated between 115 – 150 individuals (60 to 70 breeding animals and about 100 others), though a recent BBC Natural History Unit expedition suggested the existence of possibly more animals (see below). With over 72% forest cover, tigers in Bhutan are not threatened by habitat loss unlike in other parts of the world, and respect for Buddhist animals means hunting pressure is very low. In 2010 the BBC Natural History Unit recorded the highest living tigers known in the world, at 4,100m in Bhutan. Blog discussion here Experts say the discovery could make it easier to create a conservation corridor, linking populations of tigers across the Himalayas.


“Lost” population of tigers filmed living in the Bhutan Himalayas. BBC

The discovery has stunned experts, as the tigers are living at a higher altitude than any others known and appear to be successfully breeding.

Their presence in the Bhutan highlands has been confirmed by footage taken by a BBC natural history camera crew.

BBC news on the documentary

The Lost Land of the Tiger

Fascinating BBC Documentary series (above image) following an expedition searching for tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. With tigers heading for extinction, an international team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers are given unique access to the jungles and mountains of Bhutan for what could be the last chance to save this magnificent animal.


Over a quarter of the kingdom is under an extensive network of protected areas, and another 9 percent of the kingdom is included in a network of biological corridors connecting the nine different protected areas. Bhutan’s tiger population is estimated somewhere between115 and 150, with approximately 70 to 80 adult tigers

Officials investigate suspected tiger attack in Bhutan If confirmed it would be the first tiger attack in the remote Himalayan kingdom in 15 years.

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