Wildlife books about Bhutan

There aren’t a great deal of specific wildlife guides to Bhutan but these books are recommended.

Birds of Bhutan

A first guide to the ornithology of Bhutan, a country with much of its primary forest intact. It covers all 555 species regularly recorded in the country and includes a list of vagrants. 70 colour plates are included with text on facing pages for at-a-glance reference (Concise text, covering identification, voice, habitat, altitudinal range, distribution and status.) One happy reader wrote:

Most guidebooks for birders are very general in their descriptions of birds. “Birds of Bhutan” tells you when and where in the country you can view them. Includes endangered, endemic and vagrant species. Beautifully detailed showing all local varieties, this book is Written very specifically about Bhutan Birds but, still gives information about where in Asia these birds range. This Book is a must have!

Bhutan: A Trekker’s Guide (Cicerone Guide)

One happy reader wrote “The author of this book fell in love with Bhutan so madly that he spent four years living there with his family from 1999. There are few parts of the country he has not visited, few passes he has not crossed, and few yaks that he has not ridden. This book is a unique and special gem, written from the heart and rich in quirky details and hard facts. Having traveled with his wife and children on many occasions he provides unique insights into the joys of this seldom undertaken way. Specially commisioned maps and the author’s photographs illustrate the book, and he is an absolute stickler for detail.”
Bhutan (Lonely Planet Country Guide) An essential introduction

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