Wildlife books about Borneo

Wild Borneo: The Wildlife and Scenery of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan

Basically ‘Wild Borneo’ is an illustrated list of the plants and animals of the island and in which regions they are found. Although impossible to cover every species, it does a good job of going over most groups in reasonable detail. Higly recommended for the wildlife traveller

From the heights of Mount Kinabalu to pristine coral-fringed islands off-shore with vast tracts of lush rainforest between, this diversity of habitats supports a tremendous array of endearing and intriguing species. There are mammals, lizards, snakes and frogs that fly, fish that ‘walk’ on mud, monkeys that dive and swim, plants that eat insects and flowers the size of dustbin lids. Illustrated throughout with over 200 stunning photographs, “Wild Borneo” is a celebration of – and a showcase for – the splendour and diversity of the island’s natural history. Written in an engaging, educational and thought-provoking style, it also describes the ongoing efforts of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to protect and nurture Borneo’s wealth of natural resources, and is published in association with this world-renowned organization.

Borneo: Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei (Bradt Travel Guide) – A personal favourite: I love the Bradt Guides

The biodiversity of Borneo is one of the greatest in the world, with tropical rainforest and rivers covering over 70 percent of Malaysian Borneo. Borneo is one of just two places where the Orangutan has survived, and there are hundreds of unique flora and fauna species. This is the first English-language guide focusing exclusively on Malaysian Borneo & the Sultanate of Brunei. It offers all the practical advice you’d expect, but with a deep and vivid insight into Borneo, its nature, people, sites, countryside and cities.

Phillipps’ Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo

A complete field guide to the birds of Borneo, including 662 species living on the island. A user-friendly and visitor-helpful account of birds on Borneo.

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