Leopards in Botswana

Botswana Tourism Board – Leopard

The leopard has a wide habitat tolerance being recorded in open grassland and scrub, riverine woodland and in rocky hilly country. They can be found anywhere in Botswana. Leopards occur in the driest part of the country with a mean annual rainfall of 200mm and less, as well as well-watered higher rainfall areas such as the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.

BPCT – Botswana Predator Conservation Trust – Leopard Conservation

Leopards are not listed as a species of concern, however, there is little information about the population density of leopards in most areas including northern Botswana. We provided the first estimates of leopards based on intensive observation to assist government in making informed decisions about management and conservation of this species.

Khutse Game Reserve – Leopard Ecology & Conservation

Leopards in Botswana are endangered through human activities. A tremendous increase of livestock farming causes habitat loss, and if they are suspected of hunting cattle, they are frequently killed.

Raising a leopard cub in Botswana

Leopard And Cub

She was eight days old when we spotted her. Her eyes were still milky gray, and she wobbled slightly. Emerging into the sunlight from her den, she seemed curious and bold, taking no notice of screeching squirrels. Her mother had lost five previous cubs to hyenas, baboons, and other predators. What would happen to this one?

Unlike lions or cheetahs, leopards are secretive, solitary cats. Without a family to depend on, they hunt alone, slinking through the shadows, surviving on stealth and intelligence. Finding any leopard is difficult, so when we discovered this mother and cub in the thick groves of ebony and acacia trees at Mombo, an area in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, we decided to follow the little one as she grew up.

Leopard on an Anthill at Sunset – Fab photo

A Leopard sits atop a termite mound near sunset at Linyanti, Botswana. It was a pleasure to meet this leopard lying at the base of an ant-hill. Just when we were thinking how nice it would be if he were to sit on top of it, he promptly jumped up and sat on top of it.

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