Mammals of Botswana

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There are 162 mammal species in Botswana, of which 1 is critically endangered, 1 is endangered, 6 are vulnerable, and 6 are near-threatened

The Bradt Travel Guide is the best introduction to the wildlife of the country. The section about mammals is online here

Botswana’s large mammals are typical of the savannah areas of southern Africa. The large predators are here: lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted hyena. Cheetah are found in higher densities here than in most other areas of the subcontinent, and northern Botswana has one of Africa’s three strong populations of wild dogs.

Elephant and buffalo occur in large herds that roam throughout the areas where they can find water. Rhino had largely been wiped out throughout the wilds of northern Botswana, though are now being slowly reintroduced into one of the private areas of Moremi. So far only white have been brought in, but there are plans to reintroduce black rhinos too.

Antelope are well represented, with impala, springbok, tsessebe and red lechwe all numerically dominant in different areas – depending on the environment. The sheer range of Botswana’s ecosystems means that if you move about there is a really wide range of totally different species to be seen.

Because the Okavango area is so well watered, its natural vegetation is very lush and capable of supporting a high density of game in the dry season. This spreads out to the surrounding areas during the earlier months of the year – accounting for the sheer volume of big game to be found in northern Botswana’s parks and private reserves.

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The aim of this work is to enable the traveler to identify the larger and more commonly encountered wild mammals in Botswana easily and provide interesting information on each. Extremely rare mammals, small rodents and insectivorous bats were not included because they are rarely seen and difficult to identify on the ground. This book is a field guide and includes a “Notes” section. When you return from your game discs, you can update and save your notes. You can change later if you want to add additional notes. A checklist is included in the back. Print your checklist when you go out on drives. You may also print all or selected pages of the book. “Notes” for your own comments. We suggest you time and compare your observations on successive visits. Test your knowledge of mammals and answer questions of wildlife. You can then view your correct answers on the answer sheet.

Botswana Mammals

There are 162 mammal species in Botswana, of which 1 is critically endangered, 1 is endangered, 6 are vulnerable, and 6 are near-threatened

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