Reptiles of Botswana

See also Snakes of Botswana

Reptiles of Botswana (useful descriptions from the Botwana Tourist Board)


Puff Adder



Monitor Lizard


Black Mamba

Cape Cobra

Animals in Botswana – Lonely Planet

Botswana’s dry lands are home to over 150 species of reptiles. These include 72 species of snakes, such as the poisonous Mozambique spitting cobra, Egyptian cobra and black mamba. Although about 80% of snakes in Botswana are not venomous, watch out for the common and deadly puff adder. Tree snakes, known as boomslangs, are also common in the delta but generally don’t bother humans.

Lizards are everywhere; the largest are leguaans (water monitors), docile creatures that reach over 2m in length. Smaller versions, savanna leguaans, inhabit small hills and drier areas. Also present in large numbers are geckos, chameleons and rock-plated lizards.

Although Nile crocodiles are threatened elsewhere in Southern Africa, the Okavango Delta is full of them. You will hear rather than see them while gliding through the channels in a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe). Frogs of every imaginable shape, size and colour are more delightful; they jump from reeds to mokoro and back again, and provide an echoing chorus throughout the delta at night.

Chameleons in Botswana

Reptiles of Botswana

Botswana has an extensive diversity of reptiles, most of which are snakes and lizards.  Here are details of the four largest reptiles in Botswana: the nile crocodile, the water monitor lizard, the rock monitor lizard, and the southern African python

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