Snakes of Botswana

Snake bites – Botswana Tourism Board

Of the 60 species of snake in Botswana, 12 are venomous. These venomous snakes fall into three categories: cytotoxic (cell-destroying), neurotoxic (acting on the nerves), and hemotoxic (acting on the blood).

One good precautionary measure is to wear shoes or boots, which protect your feet well. Wear socks and long trousers if walking through undergrowth. If you see a snake, make a slow retreat, moving steadily and slowly backwards. The exception to this is the spitting cobra. In the unlikely event that you come across a spitting cobra it is advisable that you remain completely still. The snake is very shortsighted and will spit at the first thing that glints, very possibly your eye. If you remain still the snake will probably move away.

Snakes in Botswana – Lonely Planet

Botswana’s dry lands are home to over 150 species of reptiles. These include 72 species of snakes, such as the poisonous Mozambique spitting cobra, Egyptian cobra and black mamba. Although about 80% of snakes in Botswana are not venomous, watch out for the common and deadly puff adder. Tree snakes, known as boomslangs, are also common in the delta but generally don’t bother humans.

Poisonous Bushveld and Savanna Snakes in Botswana

Various species of cobra are found in sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically in Botswana, several deadly cobra species are found in desert, savanna and forest regions.

Snake species in Botswana

Venemous snakes of Botswana

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