Bats in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is home to 33 species of bats, out of a totalk of 35 for the whole of Europe. More here

The Bats of Bulgaria

The twenty-nine species of bats that occur at present in Bulgaria include nearly all of the species extant in the European fauna. A number of these species are very common, others are rare, and still others have been seen and found only once or several times. The variety of bat species is well documented, and their number and distribution have been relatively well researched. However, their biology – especially their reproduction, feeding habits, and migration patterns – has been studied to a much lesser degree.

The habitat or sites of the bat colonies are well documented, for they occur almost exclusively in caves, mine shafts, other underground structures, and (upon rare occasions) cliffs. Species composition and abundance, seasonal fluctuations in bat numbers, threatening factors, and changes in the variety of species during the last three to four decades have all been well studied and documented. The ecto- and endoparasites of cave-dwelling bats are also extremely well researched.

The Bulgarian studies of bats have focused primarily on species that inhabit caves, rather than those that dwell in hollowed-out trees, human dwelling sites, etc. Very little information is available for these species.