Wildlife of Burma

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, conjures images of archetypal Asian jungle: Lush forests dripping with moisture, prowled by tigers, and alive with the trumpeting of elephants. Myanmar’s wildlife include a mix of species from north Asia, south Asia, and southeast Asia, which find shelter in a wide range of habitats throughout the country. Snow-capped and remote Himalayan Mountains crown the north, and serve as the headwaters for some of Myanmar’s major rivers.

Myanmar is home to 27 turtle species, 7 of which are endemic, meaning they are exclusively found in this country.

Myanmar creates world’s largest tiger reserve, aiding many endangered Southeast Asian species

Myanmar has announced that Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve will be nearly tripled in size, making the protected area the largest tiger reserve in the world. Spanning 17,477 square kilometers (6,748 square miles), the newly expanded park is approximately the size of Kuwait. After years of illegal hunting and a decline in prey the reserve may hold as few as 50 tigers, yet experts hope with protection the population could bounce back.

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Chinese demand takes toll on wildlife in Burma (Myanmar)

If the market of Mong La is anything to go by, the remaining wild elephants, tigers and bears in Myanmar’s forests are being hunted down slowly and sold to China.
Nestled in hills in a rebel-controlled enclave on the Chinese border, the “Las Vegas in the jungle” casino town is clearly branching out from narcotics and prostitution into the illegal wildlife business.