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Birds of South-East Asia (Field guide to)

This concise edition of the award-winning field guide is both portable and compact, making the book accessible and key species easier to locate.

One reader noted:

I wanted one field guide that would cover Thailand and Cambodia, and this is the only choice. The plates are just big enough for clarity and to show differential details between species; the information on distribution by area and season was again enough to work from – and better than using more space for maps that would have been far too generalised. To get this much into so small a book and make it so useful is a job well done. Recommended.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

After decades of war, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have once again opened their doors to visitors. They are becoming increasingly popular with all kinds of tourists, not least birdwatchers who are arriving in numbers to visit the many national parks and reserves that harbour a bounty of amazing species. This is not surprising since the three countries boast about 1,000 species of birds including such rarities as Bengal Florican, Giant Ibis, Green Peafowl and Vietnamese Cutia.Two hundred and fifty-two of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia’s most interesting and spectacular birds are featured in this concise and easy-to-use guide, with each illustrated in full colour with key information on ID, habitat and distribution.

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Vultures rebound in Cambodia; only Asian country with rising population

The number of threatened vultures in Cambodia is on the rise according to a new survey by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and other members of the Cambodia Vulture Conservation Project.

WORLDTWITCH – Cambodia Birding by Frank Rheind

I decided to spend that time in Cambodia in search of a number of specialties. The country, which is home to a good number of rare and endangered birds that are difficult to see elsewhere, has experienced a considerable increase in birdwatcher visits within the last five years, yet site information has not become readily available on the internet.

The following site accounts are aimed at providing help to birders in search of some of the specialty birds Cambodia has to offer. Cambodia is one of those destinations that do not yield high trip totals, but are more suited for the birdwatcher who has had previous field experience in South-east Asia and who seeks one or two handfuls of special species. The report includes a small section on Samut Sakhon (Bangkok Area), which I visited before entering Cambodia. I am indebted to Frédéric Goes and Otani Chikara for their kind willingness to share information.

Birds of Cambodia – Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity

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